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  • JT Reflow Oven JTR series
JT Reflow Oven JTR series

JT Reflow Oven JTR series

  • Heating zones: 6,8,10,12
  • Heating method: Hot Air
  • Usage: SMT Assembly line
  • Exhaust Volume 10 M3 / min x 2 ( Exhausts)
  • Product description: JT Reflow Oven JTR series, Heating zones: 6,8,10,12, Heating method: Hot Air, Usage: SMT Assembly line, Exhaust Volume:10 M3 / min x 2 ( Exhausts)

JT Reflow Oven JTR series

Products description

JT Reflow Oven JTR series JTR-600/JTR-600-N, JTR-800/JTR-800-N, JTR-1000/JTR-1000-N, JTR-1200/JTR-1200-N

Longer heating area makes higher production efficiency and throughput.
15% improvement of heat transfer efficient resolved more complicated and larger PCB lead-free technology.
Strengthened main sweep keep rail no transverse deformation, no board stuck and dropped.
Chamber designed for fully protecting and closing to keep no leaving of N2, the lowest content of O2 can be 150ppm.
Low consumption of N2, 20-22 m³/H of N2 reflow in O2 content is 300-800PPM condition.






Outside Dimension(L*W*H)

4190 x1430 x1530

5520 x1430 x1530

6300 x 1430 x 1530

7050 x 1430 x 1530



2400KG / 2500KG

2700KG / 2800KG

3000KG / 3100KG

Number Of Heating Zones

Up /Bottom 6

Up /Bottom 8

Up /Bottom 10

Up /Bottom 12

Length Of Heating Zones





Number Of Cooling Zones

1(Cool Air Conversion)

Up 3 / Bottom 3 (Cool Air Conversion)

Exhaust Volume

10 M3 / min x 2 ( Exhausts)

Electric Supply Required

3 phase, 380V 50/60Hz (Optional: 3 phase, 220V 50/60Hz )

Electric Power Required

48KW / 51KW

64KW / 67KW

80KW / 83KW

93KW / 97KW

Power For Warm Up

24KW / 26KW

30KW / 32KW

36KW / 38KW

40KW / 42KW

Power Consumption

6.5KW / 7KW

9KW / 10KW

10KW / 11KW

11KW / 12KW

Warming Time

Approx. 20 minu

Approx.25 minu


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