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  • Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven
Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven

Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven

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  • Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven
  • Heller 1936 MKV
  • Product description: Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven

Heller 1936 MKV Reflow Oven

Products description

Flux Free Formic Reflow


Heller has designed and built an production ready horizontal reflow oven for formic acid vapor. This new oven has been designed to meet Semi S2/S8 safety standards (including toxic gases).

  • Formic Acid has been shown to be an effective reducing agent in fluxless solder reflow
  • Excellent results demonstrated for wafer bumping application in horizontal reflow oven
  • Fluxless reflow utilizes gas phase Formic Acid (HCOOH) to replace standard fluxing agents
  • Eliminates the need for pre-reflow fluxing and post-reflow flux cleanup steps
  • No post-reflow flux clean facilitates inline application of epoxy and inline epoxy curing solution
  • Feasibility has been demonstrated with production grade oven
  • Extensive engineering efforts in safe, precision delivery of formic acid and abatement

Fluxless Reflow Advantages

  • Can use any reflow profile (e.g., tent or soak profile) with formic acid
  • Can adjust formic acid profile in oven in conjunction with thermal reflow profile
  • Includes Formic acid safety system (i.e., sensors/detectors) adheres to industry standards
  • Includes Formic acid abatement systems for Green Process Solution
  • Includes real time formic acid concentration monitor system


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