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  • Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven
Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven

Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven

  • Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14E
  • Length: 4,770 mm* 1,201 mm* 1,375 mm
  • Working width: 45-516 mm
  • Conveyor speed: 20-200 cm/min
  • Product description: Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven, Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14E, Length: 4,770 mm* 1,201 mm* 1,375 mm, Working width: 45-516 mm, Conveyor speed: 20-200 cm/min

Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven

Products description

  • Dual track transport increases throughput
  • Optimized heat transfer, minimized ΔT zone
  • Separation
  • Internal cooling
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Removable heating modules top and bottom
  • Extreme low-mass center support
  • ERSASOFT Process Data Recorder
  • ERSASOFT – user-friendly machine control
  • Auto profiler for rapid offline profiling

Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow Oven

The Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14e Reflow System is of robust design and manufactured entirely from steel, welded air-tight, powder coated and with interior electric cabinet and a PC operating terminal. Features include the motorized hood opening, quick-change convection heater cassettes, multi-level process gas cleaning and a powerful and effective cooling zone.

Length: 4,770 mm
Width: 1,201 mm
Height: 1,375 mm
Weight appr. 1,450 kg
Conveyor system
Working width: 45-516 mm automatically infinitely adjustable
Clear passage height: +35/-37 mm
Center support, automatically infinitely adjustable
Conveyor speed: 20-200 cm/min
Pin-and-chain conveyor with either 3 / 4 / 5 mm pin length
Process zone
Process length: 3,345 mm
Heated length: 2,610 mm
Cooling length: 735 mm
Heating system
Up to 14 convection heating cassettes
(Preheat zone 10 cassettes, reflow zone 4 cassettes)
Volumetric flow rate each module, adjustable up to 500 m3/h
Rated power each module: 3.3 kW
Rated power last module: 4.5 kW
Up to 2 level cooling zone (air)
Electrical data
400 V, 3 Phase, N, Ground, 50/60 Hz
Continuous output during operation: appr. 11-14 kW
Extraction capacity: stack at entry of system 300 m3/h; stack at exit of system 400 m3/h, both with monitoring feature
  • Pin-and-chain conveyor with low-mass center support
  • Automatic adjustment of the conveyor width and the center support
  • Up to 2 tracks with center supports in the system
  • For single track systems, low-mass tubular supports are available
  • Operating in ambient atmosphere, internal cooling with room air
  • RPMs of fan motor are adjustable via frequency converters
  • Pin-and-chain conveyor with either 3 / 4 / 5 mm pin length


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